Disposal Facility and Recycling Facility Installation

* Sludge Drying Facility;
Physio-chemical properties of liquids and sludge generated by industrial, energy and infrastructure works vary. Expertise and technology are necessary particularly to dry sludge, to prepare dried sludge as an alternative fuel for power-needing facilities, mainly for cement industry.
We dry sludge and pre-process the same, hence, we ensure those used as alternative fuel, and also contribute to recycled energy recovery.

* WDF Facility - Waste-derived Fuels Facility;
Facilities that enable waste-derived fuel generation by processing non-recyclable domestic and industrial waste, either hazardous or not. Appropriate project design and use of eligible materials must be ensured for fragmentation, separation, classification and calorie enhancement of such waste, as those consist of diverse contents, hence, the same may be packaged as fuel.

* Plastic Fracture and Recycling Facilities;

* Fragmentation and Grinding Machinery;

* Project Design and Installation of Recycling, Disposal, Waste-Derived Energy Plant
Physio-chemical properties of waste generated by different processes vary.
Our experts analyze waste and resolve on the process to apply depending on waste type, hence, commercially assess the waste and design and establish the facility to be installed.
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